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According to incomplete statistics, the overall demand for ocean mining vessels in the next five years is no fewer than 500 and the market prospect for ocean mining equipment is no less than 30 billion, which is immense.

In order to step up the development pace of ocean mining and dressing industry, break up the technological monopoly of foreign countries, after years of study and practice, Chonghe launched the “Splendid Series” total solutions for seabed mining and dressing vessel and developed its first offshore mine field with Hainan Development Holdings Co., Ltd. on this basis.

Targeted at coastal mines, the “Splendid Series” ships have a maximum operating water depth of 100 meters and it’s comprised of four core systems. The mining system has various mining modes including cutter suction, bucket wheel, high pressure water jet, pulling through and so forth based on different geological conditions; the ore dressing system has various dressing modes such as magnetic separation, jigging, spiral separation and so on for different mineral forms; the tailing disposal system has various discharge modes including side discharge and transportation, precise tailing disposal and so on based on the properties of different tailings; equipped with a stable whole-ship platform, the auto monitoring system can detect and control the operations of the mining and dressing vessel with a refined control management system.

In March 2014, Chonghe Heavy Industry invested and built the very first “Splendid Series” seabed mining and dressing vessel – “Taixin-1”. It’s China’s first seabed mining and dressing vessel and it’s about to head to the coastal area of Baoding, Wanning, Hainan Province for uhligite mining and dressing operations.

In the future, Chonghe Heavy Industry will continue to develop and progress in the filed of ocean mining and dressing equipment and its “Splendid Series” will launch new varieties of mining vessels for tin mining in coastal mines. While gathering hands-on and technical experiences, Chonghe Heavy Industry will also progress from coastal mining and dressing to the technical domain of deep-sea mining and dressing, pick up the pace of breaking through the development bottleneck of deep-sea mining and dressing and make its contribution to realize China’s “dream of becoming a marine equipment powerhouse”!





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“Taixin-1” is characterized by multiple key technical breakthroughs in terms of equipment technology. Enjoying a compact structure, full function, high degree of automation, powerful data acquisition capability, good reliability and sound mobility, the vessel can carry out uhligite mining and dressing operations with different mining systems based on different seabed geological conditions; and adopt different discharge modes according to different properties of the tailings to avoid environmental pollution; equipped with a stable whole-ship platform, the vessel can carry out detection and control the operation of the mining and dressing vessel with a refined control management system.

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